Terms of use and conditions

Online shop for food supplements www.krosport.com

Terms of use and conditions

I.                   Subject

Bulgaria, Kazanlak, 6100, “Aleksandar Batenberg” 33
BG 203577151, called “CONTRACTOR” for simplicity, of electronic trade www.krosport.com
and client, called “USER”,

II.                Contractor information

Information under the terms of  The Law of Electronic Trade and The Law of Consumer Protection

a.      Name of the Contractior: “SUPPLEMENT” Ltd.

b.      Headquarters and management:  Bulgaria, Kazanlak, 6100, “M-r  Chilyaev” 1

c.       Address for operating and addressing complaints from users:  Bulgaria, Kazanlak, 6100, “Aleksandar Batenberg” 33

d.      Contact details: Bulgaria, Kazanlak, 6100, “Aleksandar Batenberg” 33, Email: krosport.com@abv.bg

e.       Entry of public records: EIK BG203577151

III.             Characteristics of the online store

2.      Krosport.com is an electronic store for food supplements  with the internet address http://www.krosport.com, where the users can make a treaty about sale trade and contract for a supply of the offered goods, including the following:

a.       To register and create a profile with the goal of reviewing the online store of the contractor, as well as the purchasing of goods.

b.      To review the goods, their characteristics, expiration date, taste, price and conditions of delivery

c.       To make sale and delivery contracts for the goods offered from krosport.com

d.      To  carry out all kinds of payment connected to the contracts made with the Contractor  according to the available electronic means of payment in krosport.com

e.       To cancel a sale, when it is applicable, according to The Law on Consumer Protection

3.      The Contractor Krosport organizes the delivery of the goods and guarantees the rights of the users according to the law.


a.        The users make a sale contract for the goods with the contractor on the website http://www.krosport.com

b.      The contract is concluded in Bulgarian for Bulgaria and in English for the other countries and is stored in the database of the contractor.

c.       According to the concluded with the users sale contract for goods, the contractor is obliged to organize a delivery and transfer of the ownership to the user.

d.      The users pay the price of the goods according to the actual purchase prices at the moment.

e.       Orders can be made only by registered users, who enter their username and password.

IV.              Registration in www.krosport.com


a.       The user enters a name and a password chosen by him or her.

b.      The name and password for remote access are defined from the user by execution of an online registration in the website of the contractor www.krosport.com according to the given procedure.

c.       After entering the required data a button must be clicked on for accepting the actual terms of use and conditions. The user declares that he is acquainted with these common conditions, agrees with their content and is obliged to unconditionally follow them.

d.      The contractor confirms the carried out by the user registration with the sending of an email to the given from the user e-mail address. An account is created between him and the contractor on http://krosport.com and contractual relations are established.

e.       During the registration the user must submit true and actual data. The user is obligated to actualize the registration data in time if there is any change of the information.

f.       When the registration is finished the user can visit, browse and shop in the online store.

V.                 Terms of return

6.      Terms of order return

a.       After receiving the good if there is a problem with the consignment connected with the delivery and transportation that is impaired wholeness or bad presentation the receiver have to notify krosport.com.

b.      Krosport.com will notify the customer if the order will be returned or the customer will be refunded in a way that both side will be satisfied in the terms of one work day.

c.       If the receiver decides that he does not want the good purchased from the online store he can send it back within 7 days.

d.      Goods requirements - the package of the products must not be damaged, scratched, broken or unsealed. 

e.       Buyer pays return shipping fee.

VI.              Terms of refund


a.       The refund will be done when the online store receives back the goods, inspect them and ascertain the fast that the goods cover the requirements on point 7./ d.

b.      The shipping and insurance fees will be taken from the refund.

VII.            Personal data protection


a.       The deliver www.krosport.com takes safe precaution for personal data protection of the user according to the Law on Personal Data Protection

b.      The user agrees and accepts that the deliver www.krosport.com has the right to send him messages, brochures or promotions of goods any time until the user has a registration.

Delivery and Method of Payment

Delivery of goods bought from www.krosport.com

  1. The online store offers food supplements. There is a description of the content, amount; taste and the expiry date are indicated about every product on our site.
  2. The price of each product is indicated on our site.
  3. The prices of the goods are in Euro.
  4. The delivery is done by the courier company.

The shipping cost will be seen in the process of ordering.

  1. The order confirmation will be done by the site after the message sent from www.krosport.com to the customer account. After the confirmation the order will be sent by the courier company “SPEEDY”.   
  2. We ship out within 1 business day. If the order is done after 5.00pm it will be shipped on the next business day.

Method of Payment:

1. When you choose a product or a service and click on “payment’ you are automatically transferred to BORIKA payment server.

2. Fill in the information of your card.

4. The online store will receive a message of confirmation from the payment server if the number of the card is valid and it is available in the Recognition System International and MasterCard International/. It should also successfully pass the process of identification.

5. The online store sends a request to BORIKA for authorization of payment.

6. BORIKA sends back a confirmation of the payment.

7. In case of successful payment the card owner electronic receipt is displayed on the website and can be seen by the retailer.

8. The customer will get a notification of the transaction of the money is unsuccessful.

9. The online store will receive a notification message from the payment server if the number of the card is valid and it is available in the Recognition System but unsuccessfully passes the process of identification.

10. The customer will get a notification of the transaction of the money is unsuccessful.

11. The online store does not send a request to BORIKA for authorization of payment.

12. The online store will receive a notification message from the payment server if the number of the card is valid but it is not available in the Recognition System/ International and MasterCard International/.

13. The customer will get a notification message if the order is disapproved and if it is cancelled by the online store because of impossibility to identify the cardholder.

14. The retailer can accept the order and to send an application for payment to BORIKA. (There is a contract between the bank and the online store where it is determined if the payment is allowed or not by the retailer in case a verification cannot be done for identification of the card owner in the ICO)

15. BORIKA sends back a notification if the transaction is successful or unsuccessful to the retailer.

-The retailer notifies the card owner if the transaction is successful or unsuccessful to the retailer. The customer will get a notification on the website.